Friday, May 16, 2008

Tartan Day: Proclaiming the march to a Scottish Republic

The video is political editing of Scottish TV new reports of the Tartan Day events in the USA April 2008 set to music by the Proclaimers - "Letter from America".

The editing adds photoshopped images and comment (not there in any of the original reports) and makes political points but watch out for them or you might miss them -

(1) "Can I kiss Condi's tartan a**?" - Scottish National Standard Bearer, Peter Dow.

(2) The Grim Reaper Queen.

(3) The Constitution from Hell.

(4) The Scottish crown. Scots' destiny in our own hands.

(5) American friends of Scots can help Scots establish an independent Scottish Republic and then Scots can elect our own president as head of state. First step - ban the UK royal family from Scotland.

So you see there is a lot more to the video than just news reports you've seen or music you've heard before. In this video there is political leadership - and that makes a nice change.

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