Monday, February 27, 2012

My vision for a LARGER hydro dam at Coire Glas, Scotland than SSE's

I am presenting here my vision for a large pumped storage hydroelectric 2-square kilometres surface-area reservoir and 300+ metre tall dam which I have designed for the Coire Glas site, Scotland.

(View site using Google Earth where the convenient label is "Loch a' Choire Ghlais" )

I was inspired to conceive and to publish my vision by learning of the Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) proposal to build a smaller hydroelectric pumped-storage scheme at Coire Glas which has been presented to the Scottish government for public consultation.

I have not long been aware of the SSE plan for the Coire Glas scheme, not being a follower of such matters routinely, but I was prompted by an earlier tangentially-related news story (about energy storage technology for renewable energy generators such as wind farms) to write to Members of the Scottish Parliament on the merits and urgency of new pumped storage hydroelectric power for Scotland on 14th February and a reply from Ian Anderson, the parliamentary manager for Dave Thomson MSP received the next day, the 15th February informed me about the SSE plan and Ian added "initially scoped at 600MW but, to quote SSE, could be bigger!"

I replied to Ian "So the schemes proposed by the SSE are welcome and ought to be green-lighted and fast-tracked, but I am really proposing that Scots start thinking long term about an order of magnitude and more greater investment in pumped storage hydroelectric capacity than those SSE plans."

So I had in mind "bigger would be better" but it was not until the next day on the 16th February when a news story informed me that the SSE plans had been submitted to the Scottish government for public consultation that I thought "this needs consideration now".

So starting late on the night of the 17th, early 18th February and all through the weekend, I got busy, outlining my alternative vision for a far bigger dam and reservoir at the same location.

So this is my vision as inspired by the SSE plan. If my vision is flawed then the fault is mine alone. If my vision is brilliant, then the brilliance too is mine.

The black contour line at 550 metres elevation shows the outline of the SSE proposed reservoir of about 1 square kilometre surface-area and the grey thick line shows the position of the proposed SSE dam which would stand 92 metres tall and would be the tallest dam in Scotland and indeed Britain to date though it seems our dams are several times smaller than the tallest dams elsewhere in the world these days.

Part of the red contour line at 775 metres elevation, where the red line surrounds a blue shaded area, blue representing water, shows the outline of my larger reservoir of about 2 square kilometres surface-area and the thicker brown line shows the position of my proposed dam which would stand 317 metres tall which would be one of the tallest man-made dams in the world.

Enhanced satellite photograph

Cross section of the Dow-dam

The Dow-dam would be more than 3 times higher than the proposed SSE-dam. In this diagram, a horizontal line one third of the way up the Dow-dam indicates the relative height of the SSE dam although it is not aligned with this cross-section.

Maps showing the line of cross-section viewed from each side

Cross section of the Dow-dam reservoir

Cross section along the major diameter of the elliptical excavation of the reservoir bed

Excavated Reservoir Bed

The green ellipse of major diameter of 1.5 kilometres and minor diameter of 1 kilometre represents an excavated reservoir bed, as flat and as horizontal as practical, at an elevation of 463 metres.

Since an excavated reservoir bed is not, that I can see, part of the SSE plan, at any size, I will provide some more information about my vision for that now.

The basic idea of excavating a flat or flattish reservoir bed is to increase the volume of the water stored in the reservoir because more water means more energy can be stored.

Depending on the geology and strength of the rock of Coire Glas the walls of the reservoir bed perimeter could be as steep as vertical from the reservoir bed up to the natural elevation of the existing rock surface which would mean, presumably, blasting out rock to create a cliff which at places could be as much as about 290 metres tall.

Near the dam, the reservoir bed perimeter wall would be only 40 metres or less tall. The further from the dam, the higher the wall will be and the more rock needs to be excavated.

A vertical reservoir bed perimeter wall would be ideal to maximise reservoir volume wherever the geology provides a strong stone which can maintain a vertical wall face without collapse, (a stone such as granite perhaps).

Where the geology only provides a weaker stone then a sloping perimeter wall at a suitable angle of repose for reliable stability would be constructed.

So the reservoir perimeter wall could be as sloped as shallow as 45 degrees from the natural elevation at the perimeter of the eclipse sloping down to the reservoir bed at 463 metres elevation in the case of the weakest and most prone to collapse kinds of stone.

Exactly how strong the stone is at each location I guess we'll only find out absolutely for sure if and when engineers start blasting it and testing the revealed rock wall face for strength.

The shape of the perimeter of the excavated reservoir bed is not absolutely critical. So long as it ends up as a stable wall or slope, however it is shaped by the blasting, it will be fine. There is no need to have stone masons chip the perimeter smooth and flat! The ellipse is simply the easiest approximate mathematical shape to describe and to draw. If the end result is not a perfect ellipse, don't worry, it will be fine!

OK, well I guess that's the vision part over. The rest is fairly straight-forward engineering I hope. Oh, and there is always getting the permission and the funding to build it of course which is never easy for anything this big.

OK, well if anyone has any questions or points to make about my vision or can say why they think the SSE plan is better than mine, or if you don't see why we need any pumped storage hydroelectric scheme at Coire Glas, whatever your point of view, if you have something to add in reply, please do.

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My website & forums short web-addresses

The new web address to Peter Dow's Scottish National Standard Bearer website is

The new web address to the For Freedom Forums. Forums for robust political debate. Inspired by Scots, open to all is

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Faith in Condoleezza Rice videos playlist

[Unfortunately, videos 1 and 8 in the playlist have had the audio disabled by YouTube in a response to a claim of a copyright violation. Those videos can be downloaded to view them - see the videos' (more info) details for the download link.]

A playlist with 10 videos which use religious allegories and imagery to express my deep faith in Condoleezza Rice.

The numbered notes here correspond to each video in the playlist. Note 1 corresponds to video 1, note 2 corresponds to video 2 and so on.

  1. Now decades after Condoleezza Rice was born in Birmingham, Alabama, in the days of George W. Bush the President, behold, wise Condistas from everywhere came to the World Wide Web, saying,
    Where is She who has been born Empress of Democracy?
    For we have seen Her star in the North and have come to worship Her.

  2. And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Condoleezza Rice: for thou hast found favour with God. These walls were not made to shut out problems. You have to face them. You have to live the life you were born to live.

    And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy brain, and bring forth two policies, and shalt call their names War on Terrorism and Transformational Diplomacy.

  3. And Condoleezza Rice too went up from California from the town of Palo Alto to the District of Columbia, to the city of George that is called Washington, because She was of the party of Republicans, to be employed by Bush Her party's nominee for President, who was with an election victory.

    While they were there, the time came for her to become National Security Advisor, and She gave birth to her firstborn Draft Condi movement.

  4. They rapped to her driving in an electric super-car

  5. and she played to them on a piano,

  6. because there was no room for Her in the White House.

  7. When She saw the protestors, She went to Blackburn Town Hall, and after She had sat down, Her Broadcasters came to Her.

    She began to teach them, saying
    Blessed are the those who practice the Islamic faith for there is no conflict between Islamic values and democratic values.

    Blessed are those who solve their differences by politics, by compromise and dialogue for they shall avoid conflict and violence

  8. Then Condoleezza came to them and said,
    All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.

  9. Scottish Peter said,
    You are the Christ, the Daughter of the Living God.

  10. Our Condi, who is on earth,
    Hallowed be her Name.
    Her Republic come.
    Her will be done,
    On earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread.
    And forgive us our trespasses,
    As we forgive them that trespass against us.
    And lead us not into temptation;
    But deliver us from evil:
    For yours is the Republic,
    The power, and the glory,
    For your term of office.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tartan Day: Proclaiming the march to a Scottish Republic

The video is political editing of Scottish TV new reports of the Tartan Day events in the USA April 2008 set to music by the Proclaimers - "Letter from America".

The editing adds photoshopped images and comment (not there in any of the original reports) and makes political points but watch out for them or you might miss them -

(1) "Can I kiss Condi's tartan a**?" - Scottish National Standard Bearer, Peter Dow.

(2) The Grim Reaper Queen.

(3) The Constitution from Hell.

(4) The Scottish crown. Scots' destiny in our own hands.

(5) American friends of Scots can help Scots establish an independent Scottish Republic and then Scots can elect our own president as head of state. First step - ban the UK royal family from Scotland.

So you see there is a lot more to the video than just news reports you've seen or music you've heard before. In this video there is political leadership - and that makes a nice change.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Iraq X-file. USA vs USA.

Bringing peace and stability to Iraq is made that much more difficult when the USA actually gives perverse SUPPORT to the enemy's war effort!

Perverse support such as allowing enemy TV propaganda broadcast on satellites owned and controlled by Arabian regimes who support the terrorism and destabilising in Iraq.

The USA could easily blast such satellites out of space, but refuses to do so.

These regimes, such as Egypt, GIVEN $1 billion plus annually by the US, or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, armed by the US, are said by the President's administration to be "friends" but are clearly backstabbing the US and causing the deaths of US soldiers in Iraq.

With so-called "friends" like these, the USA doesn't need any enemies

Sunday, May 11, 2008

McCain - Rice 2008 ticket. The case for VP Condi.

Embedded video playlist instructions
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37 Condi videos in this playlist. 2 hours to watch them all.
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April 12, 2007. Secretary Condoleezza Rice meets with Senator John McCain, (now the presumptive nominee for the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America) at the State Department.

McCain-Rice wins 46 States. Hillary-Obama wins 4 states.
My analysis of a poll predicts a landslide victory for a McCain - Rice ticket in the 2008 presidential elections.

In a new poll conducted by Marist College and WNBC, a McCain-Rice ticket would beat a ticket that includes both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in New York — a state that reliably votes for the Democratic candidate. (In 2004, John Kerry beat President Bush there by nearly 20 points. In 2000, the margin between Al Gore and Bush was an even higher 25 points.)
- CNN Political Ticker blog

The poll says McCain-Rice wins by 3% in New York State which makes a 21% swing to the Republicans from the presidential election results in 2004. Imagine now a 21% swing to McCain-Rice compared to Bush-Cheney ...

To put this in perspective, if McCain-Rice did 21% better in all states compared to Bush-Cheney in 2004, which states would the Democrats win, if they couldn't even win in their Democratic Party stronghold of New York State?

Come on people do the math! The answer I think is -

McCain-Rice 2008 - 46 states won easy
Too many states to mention.

Clinton-Obama 2008 - 4 states won maximum
The Democrats would only win - D.C., Massachusetts - if they were lucky they might win Rhode Island and Vermont as well.
Against McCain - Rice, the Democrats would win 2 states for sure, maybe 4 in total, not much more.

All the other states would be won by McCain - Rice, assuming the swing of 21% to McCain-Rice.

The Rice boost to the ticket.

McCain-Rice is trusted by the voters of left and right and 21% more in New York State than Bush-Cheney was trusted.

Please people MATH, MATH, MATH.

If you can understand the math, and that poll is an accurate measure of US voter opinion, then McCain-Rice promises to be a LANDSLIDE victory for the Republicans, winning all states apart from a few.

The Democratic National Committee knows this even if the GOP does not yet - Howard Dean has set up via several DNC front organisations, a "smear Condi" campaign such is the Democrats fear of the Republicans drafting Condi to the McCain ticket.

Condi has suffered more entertaining smears than this before (Condi Rice Raps video) yet still she remains popular.

So why should John McCain choose a running mate who only adds one or two states to the ticket - when Condi secures almost ALL STATES to the ticket?

- Peter Dow
Rice for President Yahoo Group

Monday, October 11, 2004

Union flag burners are idiot fascists - not Scottish republicans

Regarding a recent post on a blog that is linked from the Scottish Socialist Party website ...

It shows a picture of a union flag being burned at the 9th October Calton Hill "Declaration of Independence" SSP event.

The blog author's assertion under the picture -

"The hated Union Jack - the imperial British flag of slavery and oppression - is set alight among the crowd."

I replied -

Whereas I hate Union flag burners - for giving totally the wrong leadership to those who want an independent Scotland working in harmony with those on this island called Britain.

Those who burn the union flag are anti-democratic and anti-Scottish - they would deny the democratic right of any Scot to consider themselves British as well as Scottish.

If they burn the British flag today - then soon they will be trying to burn Briton-Scots.

Burning the union flag reminds me that Hitler bombed and burned Britain - and that is the company that the union flag burners keep - them, Hitler, the Queen's Uncle Edward - a friend of Hitler, and the Queen herself of course - the greatest enemy of British democracy.

Oh no - those union flag burners are not Scottish republicans - they are idiots!

They remind me of those union flag burning idiot-bigots to be found in the SnG forum. Click on here or on the following picture

Peter Dow, Scottish National Standard Bearer