Monday, October 11, 2004

Union flag burners are idiot fascists - not Scottish republicans

Regarding a recent post on a blog that is linked from the Scottish Socialist Party website ...

It shows a picture of a union flag being burned at the 9th October Calton Hill "Declaration of Independence" SSP event.

The blog author's assertion under the picture -

"The hated Union Jack - the imperial British flag of slavery and oppression - is set alight among the crowd."

I replied -

Whereas I hate Union flag burners - for giving totally the wrong leadership to those who want an independent Scotland working in harmony with those on this island called Britain.

Those who burn the union flag are anti-democratic and anti-Scottish - they would deny the democratic right of any Scot to consider themselves British as well as Scottish.

If they burn the British flag today - then soon they will be trying to burn Briton-Scots.

Burning the union flag reminds me that Hitler bombed and burned Britain - and that is the company that the union flag burners keep - them, Hitler, the Queen's Uncle Edward - a friend of Hitler, and the Queen herself of course - the greatest enemy of British democracy.

Oh no - those union flag burners are not Scottish republicans - they are idiots!

They remind me of those union flag burning idiot-bigots to be found in the SnG forum. Click on here or on the following picture

Peter Dow, Scottish National Standard Bearer

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